Chili Peppers




Product Code: JLP-8065
Author: Composed and arranged by Duke Pearson
Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications
Publisher SKU: JLP-8065

Arranged by Duke Pearson, Edited by Jeffrey Sultanof

This great bossa rock composition by Duke Pearson was featured in an octet form on his 1967 record 'The Right Touch.' Duke fleshed this funky tune out for a full big band, though it was never recorded. This arrangement has been engraved directly from Duke's original manuscript - this is not a transcription. The tune calls for a tenor, trumpet, and flute solos. In addition, there is an open solo section and for the trumpet solo he indicated trading fours between trumpets 1-3. Both altos double flute and trombone 4 is bass. This is another exciting arrangement from Duke Pearson. The sound sample is from Duke's octet recording as there is no recording of this arrangement. But, it will give you a good idea of the sound. Please note the ranges below.


# Trumpets 1-4: G6; E6; B4; F4
# Trombones 1-2: C4; Gb3

Bossa Rock - Advanced


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