Paper Doll - Big Band Arrangement with Vocal




Product Code: JLP-9344
Author: Rob DuBoff Jeffrey Sultanof
Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications
Publisher SKU: JLP-9344

This Billy May brass arrangement comes from the last album Sinatra did for Capitol Records, Come Swing with Me. The arrangements from this session were strictly brass with rhythm section - no strings or reeds. The other item of interest with this session was that record labels were experimenting with stereo separation. As such, May arranged this for 8 trumpets and 8 trombones that were 'pitted' against each other in left and right channels. In putting together this arrangement for publication some decisions were made as to how to produce a score that would be playable by a big band with a conventional brass section. The end result is a publication that is as close to the original as possible with a couple of very minor modifications (no voicings were changed from May's original). However, recognizing that not all big bands have access to French horns and a tuba optional reed parts have been included as alternates (see below for details). Ranges: Trumpet 1: D6 ; Trombone 1: C5 ; Trombone 2: Cb5 .