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Jazz Saxophone Etudes Volume 3






Product Code: JSE3
Author: Greg Fishman
Publisher: Greg Fishman Jazz Studios
ISBN-13: 9780976615309
ISBN-10: 0-9766153-0-4
UPC-A: 9780976615354


Jazz Saxophone Etudes, Volume 3 features twelve melodic etudes for the advancing jazz saxophonist. These etudes focus primarily on medium tempos and demonstrate a melodic approach to soloing with authentic jazz vocabulary.

The etudes are catchy, fun to play, and written idiomatically for the saxophone. The etudes are based on popular chords similar to those used on: Rhythm Changes, Blues, Ipanema, Blue Bossa, Perdido, Blue Moon, How High the Moon and many others.

Like all of Greg Fishman's books, all saxophonists (soprano/alto/tenor/bari) read the same written part, ensuring that the pieces lay perfectly on the horn, while the rhythm section transposes the accompaniment to accommodate the saxophonist's range.

This book is the perfect "follow-up" for students who have completed Fishman's Jazz Phrasing for Beginners. It's also a great primer for the more advanced Jazz Saxophone Etudes, Volume 1 & 2.

Special Features:
-Perfect for Intermediate and Advanced Players
-Idiomatic Lines packed with real jazz vocabulary
-Blues, Rhythm Changes and Standard Chord Progressions
-World-class rhythm section features extra choruses for soloing
-Each etude demonstrated on saxophone by Greg Fishman on play-along CDs


Plymouth Court - Tenor Sax
Cermak Road - Tenor Sax
Broadway Street - Tenor Sax
Plymouth Court - Alto Sax
Cermak Road - Alto Sax
Broadway Street - Alto Sax