Jazz Trumpet Studies






Product Code: JTS
Author: James Rae
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Series: Faber Edition
ISBN-13: 9780571526482
ISBN-10: 0571526489
Publisher SKU: 12-0571526489

James Rae's highly successful method Progressive Jazz Studies has given countless aspiring jazz players the confidence to play with real style. Now with Jazz Trumpet Studies, 78 of Rae's studies are brought together into a single great-value book, from Grade 1 to 5 (elementary to late intermediate).

Part 1 introduces the beginner to jazz rhythms including swing quavers, syncopation and anticipation; Part 2 contains fully graded melodic jazz studies; and Part 3 develops confidence within common jazz tonalities: whole-tone, diminished and blues scales, modes and the II-V-I chord sequence.