Kind Of Blue Transcriptions






Product Code: KIND
Artist: Miles Davis
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Series: Transcribed Score
ISBN-13: 9780634011696
ISBN-10: 0-634-01169-3
Publisher SKU: 672460
UPC-A: 073999215151

Song List:

•All Blues
•Blue In Green
•Flamenco Sketches
•Freddie Freeloader
•So What

Transcriptions of the world famous album, including many of the piano voicings and bass lines and all of the Miles, Trane, Cannonball, and Evans solos (in the key of their respective instruments!). This is a book that has been a long time coming - now we finally have it all! Regarded by experts as “the best jazz recording of all time,” the 1959 release Kind of Blue is one of the most influential albums in the history of jazz. This exceptional book features transcriptions of all the improvised solos as well as sketch scores for all the songs from this landmark release. This includes Miles' trumpet parts, the brilliant sax work of John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderly, and rhythm section parts to use as guides for the feel of each composition. Songs include: So What • Freddie Freeloader • Blue in Green • All Blues • and Flamenco Sketches. Also includes background information on the album and notes on the folio. Essential for all jazz fans!

“For musicians in the know, this book can only enhance one's ardor for the album Quincy Jones calls his 'orange juice' and Donald Fagen hails as 'The Bible.'” –Ashley Kahn, author of "Kind of Blue: The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece." See Related Items below.

“Put on the recording, take out the score, and you'll learn a lot and hear things you hadn't noticed before.” –Lewis Porter, Director of the MA in Jazz History & Research, Rutgers University at Newark