Keith Jarrett Solos: The Melody at Night with You






Product Code: KJS
Publisher: Schott
ISBN-13: 9783795719432
Instrumentation: Piano

Very little is available to study the artistry of Keith Jarrett; one of the most influential jazz pianisists of his generation. On this night he did render most tender perhaps his most intimate album. It is comprised of solo piano renderings of jazz ballads and folk songs, played with unmistakable affection. Jarrett dispenses with the jazz soloist's conventional emphasis on dexterity, the 'clever' phrase, the virtuosic sleight-of-hand. Instead he strips these songs to their melodic essence and, gently, lays bare their emotional core.

This transcription/adaptation, was worked out at the keyboard with Keith Jarrett's personal approval and aims, above all, for maximum playability within the greatest tonal range. Friedrich Grossnick, as an experienced pedagogue, has produced an outstanding score with particular sensitivity to Jarrett's interpretation thus enabling its faithful recreation on the piano.

Playable, enjoyable, and insightful.