Modern Jazz Tenor Solos - By Hunt Butler






Product Code: MJT
Author: Hunt Butler
Publisher: Brett Music

This book contains sixteen improvised solos by some of the most famous tenor saxophonists in jazz. These solos cover a variety of commonplace forms in jazz including blues, "I Got Rhythm," modal and popular song forms. This allows you the opportunity to see how these players approach the harmonic and rhythmic challenges these forms present.

Songs included:
- Maiden Voyage - George Coleman
- Trane's Slo Blues - John Coltrane
- Song For My Father - Joe Henderson
- Ecaroh - Hank Mobley
- Nica's Dream - Hank Mobley
- This I Dig Of You - Hank Mobley
- Remember - Hank Mobley
- Airegin - Sonny Rollins
- I Know That You Know - Sonny Rollins
- Eternal Triangle - Sonny Rollins/Sonny Stitt
- After Hours - Sonny Rollins/Sonny Stitt
- By Accident - Sonny Stitt
- Cherry Point - Stanley Turrentine
- Sugar - Stanley Turrentine