Teacher's Partner: Basic Studies for Alto Sax - first year






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ISBN-13: 978-1-59615-597-8
ISBN-10: 1-59615-597-3
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Instrumentation: Saxophone (alto)

Scales in varied articulations - solos and duets with piano accompaniment. Covers first year of study and can be used with any method book. It addresses problems of pitch - rhythm - tone and articulation - presenting a professional model.


Alto Saxophone Tuning Instructions
Play from C to G and Back
Courtly Dance (solo in C major)
G-major scale (whole notes; then quarter notes; then half notes)
Solo in G major
Perky Piggies (duet in G major)
F-major scale (dotted half notes; then quarter notes; then half notes followed by quarter notes)
Dream Waltz (solo in F major)
Two in Three (duet in F major)
D-major scale (half notes; then quarter-note/rest combination; then eighth notes)
March of the Toys (solo in D major)6
Graceful Partners (duet in D major)
B-flat major scale (half, quarter and two eighth notes; then a quarter followed by two eighths; then a dotted quarter followed by an eighth)
Romance (solo in B-flat major)
Canon in B-flat major
C-major scale (half notes; then sixteenth, eighth and quarter note combinations)
Banjo Song (solo in C major)
Igorcentric (duet in C major)
Scale Cycle (5 scales)
G-major scale (whole notes; then quarter notes; then half notes)
Peaceful Scene (solo in B-flat major)
Alto Saxophone Graduation Piece