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You Write the Songs - vol. I: Country Styles - Male/Female: We Provide the Music!






Product Code: MMOCD7021
ISBN-13: 978-1-59615-747-7
ISBN-10: 1-59615-747-X
Publisher SKU: MMOCD7021
UPC-A: 77712370219
Instrumentation: Instructional

"Here is a tool that every musician and aspiring songwriter will want to have! In this unique package we provide you with a series of musical ""templates - "" created by top Nashville studio musicians. Each template is a complete song - written in the styles and tempos appropriate to the Country Styles genre. The CD contains a demo track and ten of the template backgrounds to which you will write the melody and lyrics. The music-notebook contains an innovatively printed staff-template showing you intros - verses - chorus - bridges - and instrumental sections; a full ""roadmap""; as well as chords and rhythms - on top of which you scribe your melody and write the lyrics below. You listen to the music - close your eyes - and let the ""songwriter"" in you go to work! When you finish the melody and lyrics - you have a great - commercial - royalty-free song to which you own the full copyright! This great tool is both fun and a key to your songwriing future!"


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