Next Step Guitar Series - Play Like a Pro






Product Code: NSG-PLP
Author: Tom Fleming
Publisher: Music Sales America
Series: Next Step Guitar
ISBN-13: 9780825634574
Publisher SKU: 14022792
UPC-A: 752187982388
Instrumentation: Guitar

Take your guitar playing to the next level with this series. Designed to transition the beginning student to the next step! Choose From:

Chords Made Easy: Next Step Guitar: Chords Made Easy is an excellent introduction to chord construction and songwriting. Easy-to-read chord frames demonstrate open chords, bar chords, and "jazz" chords. With this book you'll easily master common chord progressions then learn how to transpose them to any key using our unique chord transposition chart. Explore altered chords and complex extended harmonies in advanced blues and jazz progressions in an easy-to-understand way.

Play Like A Pro: Elevate your guitar playing to the professional level with Play Like a Pro! Perfect your time with play-along rhythm exercises, create more memorable solos with slick phrasing and smooth voice leading, and learn the tricks and techniques of the pros, like bending and tapping, muting and damping, vibrato, altered tunings, harmonics and more.

Blues, Jazz & Rock Made Easy: Next Step Guitar: Blues, Jazz & Rock Made Easy is an excellent introduction to the three most popular guitar styles. You'll learn classic blues patterns and licks, Chicago and Texas blues styles, how to unlock the secrets of modal jazz, power chords, tapping, bending, and more! The book is packed with great advice and instruction, plus 19 full songs in the styles of your favorite bands and artists.