The Real Easy Book Vol. 3 Fake Book- A Short History Of Jazz - B Flat Version






Product Code: REB3-BF
Author: Chuck Sher
Publisher: Sher Music Co.
ISBN-10: 1883217520
Publisher SKU: 167

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Volume 3 is perfect for jazz ensemble directors looking for one book to keep their students engaged and progressing all year long, as well as any musician interested in Sher Music's series of world-famous fake books. At over 200 pages, THE REAL EASY BOOK - VOL.3 comes in C, Bb, Eb and bass clef versions. It features 5-10 tunes from each historical era of jazz: Trad Jazz, The Swing Era, Classic Bebop, West Coast Jazz, The Blue Note Era, Contemporary Jazz, ""Groove"" Jazz, Brazilian Jazz and Afro-Cuban Jazz. The wide variety of styles included means that every jazz combo will be able to find exactly the material that fits their needs.

Difficulty ranges from very simple blues, like Charlie Parker's ""Now's The Time"" to deep, but still playable, contemporary tunes, like Mike Stern's ""These Times."" Also featured are some great beginning trad jazz arrangements of ""Bill Bailey"" and ""Alexander's Ragtime Band"", including separate clarinet and trombone obligato parts to get that authentic Dixieland feeling!

In addition to the tunes and educational material, there are also fun and informative introductory texts for each section. These short histories of each era of jazz introduce both the flavor of the era, and a discussion of the musical innovations that each one brought to the evolution of jazz.

The end result is a multi-dimensional teaching tool that will keep band directors and their students smiling all year long!