The Source - Second Edition






Product Code: S
Author: Steve Barta
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN-13: 978-0-937589-00-7
Publisher SKU: 240885
UPC-A: 073999408850

The Source - The Dictionary of Contemporary and Traditional Scales by Steve Barta. The Source is an excellent addition to any musician's or teacher's library. This multi-instrumental book is a very informative guide for people who are looking for a book with good, solid information regarding scales, chords, and how these two work together. The Source provides clear and complete right and left hand piano fingerings for scales, chords, and complete inversions. With over twenty different scales, each written in all twelve keys, The Source has become the scale/chord reference book in the music industry. A Japanese edition of The Source is also available through Zenon Publishing in Japan. The Source is distributed worldwide.

"If I were starting to learn my scales, modes, and chords all over again, I think THE SOURCE would be the most expedient resource because it is clear, concise, and applicable."
- Dave Brubeck

"This book is essential for anyone working in any area of music."
- David Amram