Jazz Bass Compendium - By Sigi Busch






Product Code: SIG
Author: Sigi Busch
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 15000
UPC-A: 805095150001

"Jazz Bass Compendium" is one of the most comprehensive method books. 208 pages filled with information and aspects on jazz bass playing.

Album Contents:
- The right hand: position, effect on sound and timing, exercises, three finger technique, drops
- The left hand: position, shifting positions, intonation, pizzicato technique, vibrato
- Coordinating both hands
- Bass lines: rhythm, pulse, timing, walking bass, two-beat feel, arpeggios, diatonic passing notes, leading notes, chromatic lines, scales and tetrachords, pentatonic scales, bass lines over II V progressions, harmonic clichés, pedal point, rhythmic embellishments, bass lines on standard chord progressions, straight 8ths bass lines, Latin bass lines
- The elements of sound
- Various improvisation concepts
- Arpeggios
- Studies and etudes on the chord changes to Sunny, Footprints, I Hear A Rhapsody, Solar, Confirmation
- Upper structure voicings
- Phrasing and articulation
- Scales and scales studies, chord-scales, "breaking up" scales
- Practice concepts, different learning fields
- 4 bass duets and one solo, including Georgia On My Mind, Blues 4U and More Bass Hit