Super Sax Arrangement - Chi Chi




Product Code: SS-CC

This Supersax arrangement, from the album 'Supersax with the L.A. Voices, Vol. 3' features the usual saxophone lineup of 2 altos, 2 tenors, 1 baritone with trumpet and the addition of 5 voices [Soprano, 2 altos, tenor and baritone). Like the other Supersax charts, this arrangement features an original Charlie Parker solo transcribed in full and harmonized to be played by a sax section with rhythm accompaniment. The original recording featured a trumpet solo by Conte Candoli as well as bass and piano solos. There is also an open solo section. The vocal parts are optional and have been cued into the sax parts so that they may be played instead. The arrangement plays fine without using the vocal parts altogether.

This is not a transcription. The original, hand-written manuscript has been used to produce this arrangement. This has been published with the authorization of Med Flory.