Jazz Keyboard Study






Product Code: STUDY
Author: Chuck Mahronic
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 09033

A Workbook for Both, Non-Pianists and Pianists. For Private Studio and Classroom Use. 54 pages. Originally designed to work over a two-semester college course length it is also ideal for private instruction and for self-study.

Album Contents:
- The Elements of Harmony (common voicing errors, practice changes)
- Harmonic Enhancement
- Comping Rhythms
- Comping with Walking Bass
- The Dominant Sus Chord
- Walking the Blues
- Spread Voicings
- The Families of 5s and 9s
- The Element of Support
- Embellishing the Support Element and Creating Counter Melody
- Harmonic Embellishement through Back cycling
- Tritone Substitutions
- Upper Structure Triads with Slash Chords
- Left-Hand Voicings
- Montuno
- Drop-2 Voicings
- And more!!