The Inspiration of Saint-Jacome: The Best From His GRAND METHOD For Trumpet




Product Code: TIOS

by David Bertie

The Saint-Jacome Method, in the eyes of many, was overdue for an overhaul. Today, it has arrived.

Throughout the years the world’s most accomplished trumpet players have acknowledged and attributed much of their success to the teachings of Saint-Jacôme. Given their own individual musical talents, their natural gifts enabled them to navigate the “confusion”. The Saint-Jacôme Grand Method was also among Charles Colin’s favorite study books, and while he appreciated the very musical and well-written content, he, too, would often agree the material needed better organization. On one occasion Vince Penzarella asked him why he didn’t edit and reissue the book. Perhaps, daunted by the mammoth task, Colin Publications never made the attempt. It’s just as well, because we could have never come close to achieving what David Bertie has accomplished so marvelously. For those trumpet players who instinctively head straight for the music, we can guarantee that your experience will be vastly increased when you review the excellent text David has provided and the meticulously laid out reference to the original book, which puts it all in context.

This 226-page re-organization and re-engraving of the Saint-Jacome was a monumental undertaking, and I think you are going to love it.


Mr. Bertie has done a great service for the trumpet-playing world with this new edition of Saint-Jacôme. To quote myself, “He has put order to the chaos”. Now there is no reason why this new Saint-Jacôme shouldn’t be on every brass player’s shelf right next to their Arban. ~ Eric Bolvin

The Inspiration of Saint-Jacôme contains a wealth of pedagogical, musical, and historical content. I’m so excited at the possibility of practicing Saint-Jacôme with the clarity and focus provided here. Bravo to David Bertie for such an important and generous body of work. ~ Chris Gekker

David Bertie has done a terrific job organizing and rearranging the voluminous Saint-Jacome trumpet method. It is finally comprehensible! Congratulations Mr. Bertie! ~ Mark Gould