Jazz Pianist - Left-Hand Voicings And Chord Theory






Product Code: TJP
Author: Fred Hughes
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780757993152
ISBN-10: 075799315X
Publisher SKU: 00-0606B
UPC-A: 9780757993152

Jazz recording artist, pianist and educator Fred Hughes takes you step-by-step though the process to efficiently play chords with the left hand only. Learn jazz vocabulary along with practice and memorization techniques. THE JAZZ PIANIST: LEFT HAND VOICINGS AND CHORD THEORY begins with triads and proceeds through thirteenth chords as well as the practical application of chords and chord progressions.

Topics you will learn include: effortlessly perform all chords and variations, harmonic structure and foundation, theory of chord construction, memorizing chords and practice patterns for mastery. Learn the following jazz standards: "Have You Met Miss Jones," "All the Things You Are," "The Days of Wine and Roses," and "Body and Soul." Play-along and demonstration CD included. An essential book for every jazz pianist!