The Total Blues Drummer

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Book & CD




Product Code: TTBD
Author: Scott Bihlman
Publisher: Alfred
Series: The Total Drummer
ISBN-13: 9780739066454
ISBN-10: 0739066455
Publisher SKU: 00-34375
UPC-A: 038081381176
Instrumentation: Drum Set

The Total Blues Drummer is an exciting journey through the diverse world of blues drumming. It covers many of the styles that make blues drumming so rewarding---from the blues sounds of Chicago, Memphis, and Texas to funky blues, jazz blues, and blues-rock. You'll learn drumbeats in the vein of famous artists like Buddy Guy, B. B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters, and ZZ Top. Start with basic blues beats and end up playing linear "supergrooves" that will help secure your status as a bona fide blues master. Beginning and intermediate players will find all the tools they need to become great drummers, while more advanced players will find a fresh perspective and expert tips on the art of blues drumming. This is the only book you will need in your quest to becoming a great blues drummer. The CD features a full blues band demonstrating the examples in the book.

"It's hard to imagine a more informative and fun blues drumming book than this one."

- Modern Drummer magazine


Basic Sixteenth-Note Blues Beats
Double Bass Grooves
The Rock Shuffle