Ultra Smooth Jazz Play-A-Long Songbook for Bb & Eb instruments






Product Code: USJP-BE
Author: The Super Groovers
Publisher: A.D.G. Productions
Series: Ultra Smooth Jazz Play-A-Long Songbook
Publisher SKU: ADG151

From the Supergroovers, who brought you the "Ultra Smooth Jazz Grooves" series, comes a play-a-long book of full length songs from their two albums Supergroovin’ and Mainline Connection. The songs selected for this play-a-long are designed to give the music student a variety of styles to choose from, ranging from the pop/jazz style of “You Are The Only One In My Life”, minor blues of “To The T” and “A Cry For Peace”, funky/blues of “Super Groover”, latin style of “Groovin’ With The In Crowd and “Villefranche Sur Mer”, gospel style of “To Our Loved Ones”, reggae style of “Right Track Wrong train To Jamaica”, funky/jazz of “Mainline Connection”, “Keeping The Past Alive” and the bonus track “Destinasian” and lastly the funky jazz/swing feel of “Spritual Seeker”.

The enclosed CD features full rhythm backing tracks.

Complete Song List:

You Are The Only One In My Life - album Mainline Connection
Spiritual Seeker - album Supergroovin'
To The T - album Supergroovin'
To Our Loved One's - album Supergroovin'
Right Track Wrong Train To Jamaica - album Mainline Connection
A Cry For Peace - album Mainline Connection
Groovin' With The In Crowd - album Supergroovin'
Super Groover - album Supergroovin'
Villefranche Sur Mer - album Mainline Connection
It Will Come Back To You - album Supergroovin'
Mainline Connection - album Mainline Connection
Keeping The Past Alive - album Mainline Connection
Bonus track Destinasian - album Mainline Connection