Volume - 19 - David Liebman - CASSETTE ONLY






Product Code: V19C
Author: Jamey Aebersold
Publisher: Jamey Aebersold Jazz

Please note: this is the cassette only!

Intermediate/Advanced. If you are looking for something different, try this one! This set is unusual because it contains no ii/V7s. The tunes and chord progressions are not usually found in standard jazz songs. These songs are not typical Bebop tunes; they are a step in a new direction with a fresh sound. Recorded after the rhythm section had just worked a week at the Village Vanguard in New York City, so each song on this CD is tight and intense!

Rhythm Section: Richie Bierach (p); Frank Tusa (b); Al Foster (d)


  • Picadilly Lilly
  • Brite Piece
  • Slumber
  • Bonnie's Blue
  • Oasis
  • Loft Dance
  • Lookout Farm
  • Tomorrow's Expectations