Visual Jazz - Just Add Drums - DVD






Product Code: VJ-DRUMS
Author: Bob Taylor
Publisher: Visual Jazz Publications

This amazing new DVD is for all musicians - drummers and non-drummers alike. It features over 200 play-along tracks of 76 standard tunes and exercises - all without drums.

If you're a drummer, this is the perfect practice method for developing your style, timing, and soloing on the set. And if you sing or play another instrument, it's an ideal way to practice with just bass and piano, or with a cooking latin percussion section behind your solos!

Also included on the DVD:

* Click tracks from slow to very fast
* Drum examples of swing, latin, and fusion styles
* Tunes where you can trade 4's and trade 8's with the rhythm section
* A multitude of chapters from The Art of Improvisation specifically designed to boost your rhythmic skills, regardless of your instrument or voice.
* Much more - the practice possibilities are endless!


All Blues
Freddie Freeloader
Giant Steps
In a Mellow Tone
In a Sentimental Mood
Now's the Time
Sweet Georgia Brown