A Whole Approach To Jazz Improvisation






Product Code: WAJI
Author: Marc Sabatella
Publisher: A.D.G. Publications
ISBN-10: 1-882146-55-7
Publisher SKU: ADG016
UPC-A: 663389101623

A Whole Approach To Jazz Improvisation by Marc Sabatella is intended primarily for all musicians who wish to learn jazz improvisation as well as listeners who wish to increase their understanding of the music. The main goals of the book are: to teach the language of jazz, to increase your understanding of jazz as performed by others and for performers who need information on how to improve their improvisational techniques.

This book is organized as a series of steps toward becoming a jazz musician, either as a performer or as a more informed listener. Most of the steps are geared for the performer, but the non-performing listener is encouraged to try out as many of the playing examples as possible. This should help broaden your ear and help you appreciate aspects of the music you might not have recognized otherwise.

The steps outlined in this book are: Listen to many different styles of jazz. Understanding jazz fundamentals. Learning chord/scale relationships. Learning how to apply the theory to jazz improvisation. Learning how to accompany other soloists. Playing with others. Listening analytically. Breaking the rules. Find out the techniques used by the great jazz musicians including : Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Charlie Mingus, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner, Ray Brown, Tony Williams, and Wayne Shorter. After reading this book you will have the necessary background to get the most out of anything else you may wish to read and learn about jazz.