The Perfect Blend - Book/DVD






Product Code: TPB-SET
Author: Timothy Seelig
Publisher: Shawnee Press
ISBN-13: 9781423486275
ISBN-10: 1-59235-094-1
Publisher SKU: 35022831
UPC-A: 747510067580
Instrumentation: Vocal/Choir

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By Timothy Seelig. Over 100 seriously fun choral warm-ups plus 75 photos demonstrating the concepts. These warm-ups will work equally well for any type or age of singer. A "must have" for any choral director. From the basic building block of breath to the final bow in the concert, The Perfect Blend whisks you on an entertaining ride through vocal and choral technique. It may change the way you approach your job as a choral director. 158 pages.

Book/DVD set.


The Voice
Introduction - Let's Start at the Very Beginning
Chapter 1: Warm 'er up (or down) - There Is a Difference
Chapter 2: Posture - Holding Your Musical Instrument
Chapter 3: Motor - Rev Your Engines
Chapter 4: Vibrator - The Most Powerful 3/4 Inch in the World
Chapter 5: Registers - Head, Chest, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Chapter 6: Resonators - Woofers and Tweeters
The Choir
Chapter 7: Choral Singing - Eclectic Blender
Chapter 8: Your Conducting Profile - Physician, Heal Thyself
Chapter 9: TMI - Rehearsal Tips
Chapter 10: TLC - Things They Didn't Teach You
Chapter 11: Vocal Health - Soup to Nuts
Chapter 12: The Aging Voice - It's Gonna Happen
Sample Programs
Sample Memory Schedule
Sample Rehearsal Plan
Rehearsal Plan Template
Five-course Meal Plan
My "Last Meal" of Warm-ups
Sample Landscape of "The Awakening"
Productivity Tool: A lifesaver
Musical Mishaps
The Turtle Creek Chorale Mission
Index of Warm-ups