The Breed Is Funkin' - For Bb Instruments






Product Code: 14821
Author: Peter Weniger
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 14821
UPC-A: 805095148213

Book/CD. These tracks were originally recorded as a standard listening CD. But because of the high quality of the recording and the intense groove, it was suggested that we release the tracks with lead sheets so that others - both students and accomplished players - could enjoy them, as well. Thus, a new kind of play-along was born; a play-along designed for performance and not education. This is precisely what makes it so fun to play. Nothing is lessened or "watered-down" to facilitate graduated, comprehensive learning. There is nothing to do but to jump in and hang on; just as if you are in the studio when the red light comes on.

There are editions for C, Bb, Eb, and Bass Clef instruments, so be sure that you order the right one. Includes composer provided performance notes/suggestions. Enjoy!

“Working with my students has shown me how much fun it can be to offer groove and funk oriented music on a CD to play along with. In most of the pieces, you do not necessarily have to follow the changes; you should rather develop simple ideas 'in time'. A real strong emphasis is here placed on the term 'groove'."

Tunes included:
- Paradizer
- Half-Life
- Speedworld
- French Affair
- The Breed Is Funkin'
- Castro-Pope
- We Are Like That
- The Zigg-Zagg
- Scrootch
- Just Skufflin'
- Poem Of A Bird