Jazzin' Americana 3






Product Code: 46027
Author: Wynn-Anne Rossi
Publisher: Alfred
Series: Jazzin' Americana
ISBN-13: 9781470636821
ISBN-10: 1470636824
Publisher SKU: 00-46027
UPC-A: 038081522609
Instrumentation: Piano

Wynn-Anne Rossi's Jazzin' Americana series is a personal journey through the jazz genre, honoring the history, the diverse styles, and the fabulous musicians who made this music great. Students will become familiar with the names of famous musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis while learning different jazz styles, from blues and bebop to boogie and rock. Each piece is enhanced with interesting facts that will awaken curiosity and enhance the musical experience. Titles: Boogie Man * Brazilian Moonbeams * Empathy * Empress of the Blues * Hot Five Louie * Jelly Roll Stomp * Tribute to Tatum * Zydeco for an Alligator.