Alfred Jazz Play-Along Series, Vol. 1 - Strayhorn & More for RHYTHM SECTION

Book & MP3 CD

Book & MP3 CD




Product Code: AF-SM1RS
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Series: Alfred Jazz Play-Along Series
ISBN-13: 9780739084878
ISBN-10: 0739084879
Publisher SKU: 00-38722
UPC-A: 038081430782
Instrumentation: Rhythm Section

The Alfred Jazz Play-Along series for Rhythm Section goes beyond the other play-alongs. The rhythm section book has written out parts for piano, bass, and drumset to show comping suggestions. In addition, each of the nine jazz standards includes the melody and a sample jazz solo written out for you to listen to, play, and practice. The included MP3 disc has a demo track and a play-along track for each tune for piano, bass, and drums. The demo track, featuring a pro rhythm section with a horn player, is a learning tool for the melody, piano comping, bass lines, drum parts, and improvisation. The play-along track allows each player to practice with the rhythm section as individuals with their part removed from the mix. In addition, the rhythm section parts in the book can be used as small group arrangements. Each jazz standard has specific improvisation tips and suggestions. The written out comping examples and melody along with the written out sample solos are all invaluable assets that makes learning how to improvise easier. Nine great tunes=great jazz!

Titles: Caravan * Chelsea Bridge * Freddie Freeloader * Isfahan * Johnny Come Lately * Prelude to a Kiss * Raincheck * Take the "A" Train * Upper Manhattan Medical Group.


#1 - Take The A Train - Demo
#2 - Take The A Train - Piano
#3 - Take The A Train - Bass
#4 - Take The A Train - Drums
#13 - Caravan Play-Along - Demo
#14 - Caravan Play-Along - Piano
#15 - Caravan Play-Along - Bass
#16 - Caravan Play-Along - Drums
#21 - Johnny Come Lately - Demo
#22 - Johnny Come Lately - Piano
#23 - Johnny Come Lately - Bass
#24 - Johnny Come Lately - Drums