The Barry Harris Vocal Workshop - BK/DVD






Product Code: BHV
Author: Howard Rees
Publisher: JazzWorkshop Productions

This 84 minute instructional tool is packed with practical tips for vocalists at all levels. The 'clinic' setting allows you to join into the lesson. Key aspects of jazz singing including rhythm, scales and the ability to hear chord changes are covered in depth.

Led by jazz legend, Dr. Barry Harris, the video documents a small vocal class being instructed in rhythm, phrasing, vocal warm-ups, leading a rhythm section and outlining key harmonic progressions.

The accompanying 50 page workbook provides a transcription of the exercises and songs presented in the video along with additional explanations.

Recommended for all levels, the Barry Harris Vocal Workshop will stretch even the most experienced vocalist, not by teaching you neat tricks but by deepening your understanding of and appreciation for the jazz tradition.

Program Highlights:

  • Rhythmic and phrasing exercises
  • Warm-ups, chord and scale exercises
  • Application of the examples to many different jazz standards
  • How to use 'Rubato' time
  • Using the chords to outline the harmony
  • Rhythmic tools that help the singer make it seem like they are 'making up the song' as they sing it
  • All musical examples in the video are keyed for quick referencing in the workbook