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Product Code: D239
Author: Howard Rees
Publisher: JazzWorkshop Productions

As in all of his creative pursuits, Barry’s quest to develop, expand and share this part of his work is tireless. Almost ten years after the completion of our original ‘Workshop Video’, it made sense to document a new wealth of information and nuance in a second volume.

Shot in a ‘clinic setting’, this beautifully filmed session is approximately 4 hours, 15 minutes in length and features great overhead views of Barry at the piano. The accompanying 165 page workbook includes a transcription of all the musical examples.

The Barry Harris Workshop Video Part 2 highlights the following three chapters:


Intended for instrumentalists and vocalists, this 1st session presents Barry’s latest thoughts on chord and scale relationships; feeling the rhythm of a line; scale practice including expanded ‘Extra Note Rules’; how to apply ‘extra notes’ to any scale or grouping of notes; the use of surrounding notes; developing ‘turnbacks’; in-depth line building work on ‘rhythm changes’ – and more.

‘The Rhythm Section’

This session is vital for all rhythm section players and stresses the importance of using ‘upbeats’ as they apply to each instrument; ‘feeling 6’ while playing in 4/4; the usefulness of playing small chords voicings; Barry’s voicings for the Blues, ‘rhythm changes’ and more.


Long awaited, this session gets right to the heart of Barry’s unique harmonic system. Detailing ‘sixth diminished’ chord theory, chord movement and putting together effective voicings, this section is highlighted by Barry’s performance of “I Should Care”, featuring great overhead camera shots. Piano and guitar transcriptions are included.