Brazilian Percussion






Product Code: BPER
Author: Gilson De Assis
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 18005
UPC-A: 805095180053

by Gilson de Assis

The guide to Brazilian percussion we've all been waiting for! This book is much more than a drum manual. First the author delves into the history and development of Brazilian percussion. He then devotes himself thoroughly to instrumental techniques for the most widespread rhythms such as Batucada, Samba Reggae and Maracatu.
All instruments presented are first explained in the context of their technique and rhythms. Fully notated arrangements follow with up to eleven voices. Brazilian Percussion is written with much care and a love for detail. (Percussion Creativ Newsletter)

This book is very informative.... Whoever is interested in authentic Brazilian percussion will discover a wealth of interesting material. (Drums and Percussion)

Brazilian Percussion is a scholarly, professional and highly practical exposition. It really whets the appetite for a wide range of authentic Afro-Brazilian groove-culture styles. Highly recommended! (Sticks)


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