Brazilian Piano - Hal Leonard Keyboard Style Series






Product Code: BRAZPN
Author: Robert Willey, Alfredo Cardim
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Series: Hal Leonard Keyboard Style Series
ISBN-13: 9781423452737
Publisher SKU: 311469
UPC-A: 884088202415
112 pages

Brazilian Piano teaches elements of some of the most appealing Brazilian musical styles: choro, samba, and bossa nova. It starts with rhythmic training to develop the fundamental groove of Brazilian music. Next, examples build up a rhythmic and harmonic vocabulary that can be used when playing the original songs that follow. Besides providing audio for the examples in the book, the CD contains ensemble recordings that allow you to improvise through the middle chorus. Additional versions of the ensemble tunes are included on the CD-ROM section of the disc, accessible via computer. Features artist interviews and bios.


Track 1 Ganza
Track 2 Ganza
Track 11 Odeon