Beyond Time And Changes: A Musician's Guide to Free Jazz Improvisation






Product Code: BTAC
Author: Hal Crook
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-13: 9783892210740
Publisher SKU: 14204
UPC-A: 805095142044

by Hal Crook. In Beyond Time and Changes, acclaimed jazz trombonist, pianist, composer, arranger, teacher and author Hal Crook offers a methodology to guide the advancing improviser through the un-chartered musical territory known as free jazz.

Beyond Time and Changes shows improvisers how to prepare for soloing and comping in free settings by exploring the issues of musical accuracy, musicality and continuity (motive development) on form, and then reveals how to create structure and order within free settings by using the known to navigate the unknown.

With the aid of lucid explanations, concise musical examples, practical exercises, solo transcriptions and a compelling demonstration CD featuring 17 performances by the author and a stellar rhythm section, Beyond Time and Changes solves the mystery long associated with how to make free improvisation make sense�without losing your freedom in the process.

"Hal Crook is perhaps the freest and most technically adept and imaginative trombonist we have, and Beyond Time and Changes is a sure winner. Highly recommended."
- Bob Brookmeyer

"Beyond Time and Changes says it all. Go for it, Hal! I only have a few idols, and you are all of them!"
- George Garzone - Saxophonist with "The Fringe"

�Beyond Time and Changes is the ultimate literature on improvisation. The demo CD is proof positive; Hal Crook is the chief of improvisation.� (Frank Mobus - Guitarist and leader of �Der Rote Bereich�)


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