Saxophone Solos Vol. 2: Modal Classics

Digital PDF + Audio

Digital PDF + Audio






Product Code: D-SSMC
Author: Tony Dagradi
Composer: Tony Dagradi
Publisher: Jamey Aebersold Jazz
ISBN-13: 978-1-56224-303-6
Publisher SKU: SSMS
UPC-A: 635621501447
Instrumentation: Saxophone

PDF + Audio

by Tony Dagradi. Tony’s second book of Jazz Solos concentrates on the chord changes to well-known modal “Standards.” Soloing over one chord for an extended period of time presents a unique set of challenges. These solos utilize both common and “secret” techniques employed by the masters to help you improvise musical and exciting solos. The book includes parts transposed for both alto and tenor sax and the CD includes both full performance tracks and “rhythm section only” play-a-long tracks.


Believe It Or Not
Down and Out
Blue Hue