Exploring Jazz Trumpet






Product Code: EXPJT
Author: Ollie Weston & Mark Armstrong
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN-13: 978-1-84761-085-0
UPC-A: 841886011007

This book provides a comprehensive guide to jazz trumpet. Each chapter contains tunes and exercises that will improve your playing in all areas – your tehncique, reading, creativity, improvisation and theory will all benefit as you gain an understanding of the history of jazz and of its innovators.

Author Ollie Weston introduces you to the language of jazz and then goes on to focus on musical and theoretical concepts.

Key techniques and sytles explained include blues, bebop, chord types, funk, pentatonics, Latin, II-V-I progression, modal, and song forms and turnarounds.

The book covers clear and concise guidance thrugh harmonic and theoretical concepts, with demo solos played by editor Mark Armstrong and outstanding backing tracks on the accompanying CD.