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They Didn't Believe Me - Big Band Arrangement






Product Code: JLP-8044
Author: Charlie Parker by Jimmy Carroll
Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications
Publisher SKU: JLP-8044

AS PERFORMED BY CHARLIE PARKER. ARRANGED BY JIMMY CARROLL We're all familiar with the famous Charlie Parker with Strings recordings that were made in 1949 and the early 1950s. Parker recorded these in the studio and did many live concerts. At first the reception from the critics wasn't so great. But, over time there recordings have been cherished by jazz fans all over the world. In fact, Parker's recording of Just Friends with strings became his best-selling single. Well, it may surprise you to know that there were several arrangements that were rehearsed for Parker's 1949 'With Strings' session that were either not recorded or were scrapped. This chart of They Didn't Believe Me was arranged by Jimmy Carroll for this date but was not recorded. We don't know the specific reason it wasn't recorded. But, due to markups on the original manuscript score and parts we do know that it was heavily rehearsed. This arrangement has the same instrumentation as the others from this session except it was scored without oboe. There is a solo alto saxophone part and 3 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, harp, guitar, piano, bass, drums. Recognizing that not everyone has access to strings players, alternate parts have been included in a Supersax-type configuration [2 altos, 2 tenors, 1 baritone]. Additionally, either of the tenor parts could be played by trumpets, and the cello part could be played by trombone, though a few notes would have to played down an octave. There is a sound sample that was midi-generated that will give you an idea of the arrangement since no recording exists (to our knowledge). NOTE: This is part of our CHARLIE PARKER WITH STRINGS series of arrangements.


1. Solo Alto Saxophone
2. 3 Violins [or 2 Alto Sax, 1 Tenor Sax]
3. 1 Viola [or Tenor Sax]
4. 1 Cello [or Baritone Sax]
5. Harp [Optional]
6. Guitar
7. Piano
8. Bass
9. Drums



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