The Music Of Joshua Redman






Product Code: JOSH
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
ISBN-10: 0-7692-5220-6
UPC-A: 029156909333

Discover the music of emerging jazz artist Joshua Redman with this book of transcribed solos. Trent Kynaston has meticulously captured on paper all the magic of today's leading young jazz tenor saxophonist.

The book includes a biography, discography, and an analysis of each solo. This great new folio will give insight into the style of Joshua Redman, and is an invaluable addition to any jazz musician's library.

- I Got You I Feel Good - composed by James Brown
- Hide And Seek
- When The Sun Comes Down
- Home Fries
- Cat Battles
- My One And Only Love Emi - composed by Guy Wood, Robert Mellin
- Moose The Moochie - composed by Charlie Parker
- Blues On Sunday
- Faith
- Alone In The Morning
- Herbs And Roots
- Wait No Longer