Jazz Scores and Analysis, Vol. 2: Strings and Other Things






Product Code: JSAS2
Author: Richard Lawn
Publisher: Sher Music Co.

Following the great critical success of Jazz Scores and Analysis, Vol.1, Richard Lawn has created another masterpiece: JAZZ SCORES AND ANALYSIS, VOL. 2: STRINGS AND OTHER THINGS. As the title suggests, Vol. 2 includes:

Orchestral jazz writing with strings, by masters of the artform:
Eddie Sauter
Oliver Nelson
Pat Williams
Claus Ogerman
Jeff Beal
Chris Potter
Vince Mendoza
Chuck Owen
Miho Hazama
Tim Garland
Annotated full scores
Analysis of each score
Online access to interviews with each living composer
9" x 12", 438 pages! These scores all feature great string writing, along with more normal jazz orchestral instrumentation.

Among the many highlights of this book is a previously unknown and unavailable score of Oliver Nelson's Piece For Studio Orchestra and Soloist, and an Eddie Sauter composition from Stan Getz's classic Focus album.


Wow, I wish I could have had this book 20 years ago! Here we have overviews, detailed analyses and annotated full scores of compositions by ten masters of writing for strings. It is an absolute treasure trove of information that will inspire anyone interested in jazz composition.” — Jim McNeely

Rick's meticulous analysis of every piece leaves no stone unturned, and this ' Vol. 2, Strings and Other Things' is chock full of invaluable information. A copy will keep a prominent spot on my desk for years to come.” — John Fedchock

Richard Lawn has provided a thoughtful and extensive resource with this new book. Combining strings with traditional jazz instruments is a puzzle for many arrangers and composers. The artists included here are some of the best at doing this. I plan on spending many hours with this book, absorbing as much of these very valuable insights as I can. Any aspiring arranger/composer will find a wealth of material within these pages.” — Larry Dunlap