The Jazz Workshop Series, Vol. 8: Modern Jazz Classics Vol. 2 - Book/CD






Product Code: MJCD2
Author: Bill Dobbins
Publisher: Advance Music
Series: The Jazz Workshop Series
Publisher SKU: 14508

Volume 8 of the Jazz Workshop Series.

Sunburst (Ron McClure): This modal tune has lots of energy and makes effective use of imaginative chord/scale colors. Arranged for trumpet, tenor saxophone and trombone.

Comrade Conrad (Bill Evans): Great harmonic exercise with a memorable melody. The 12 choruses encompass all possible major and minor keys, alternating between 4/4 and 3/4 meters.

Windows (Chick Corea): Haunting jazz waltz, has been a well known jazz standard since the 70’s.

Pensativa (Clare Fischer): Bossa-Nova, recorded by many jazz musicians. The harmonic progression is strikingly colorful. Arranged for trumpet and tenor saxophone.

When I See You (Jimmy Knepper): This original ballad has a beautifully haunting quality and a really memorable melody. The form is an interesting one: abac.

Joshua (Miles Davis/Victor Feldman): The meter changes and the rapid harmonic rhythm during the bridge make this piece both challenging and fun to play. Arranged for trumpet and tenor saxophone.


Comrade Conrad