Chick Corea Omnibook




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Transcribed Exactly from His Recorded Solos. Across a decades-long career, Chick Corea (1941-2021) exerted a limit-stretching influence on many a musical genre. With dozens of albums and an astounding 23 Grammy Awards to his credit, he was a potent force in music: exploring, experimenting, and discovering. His impact will be felt for years to come. This collection pays tribute to him with 26 note-for-note transcriptions with meticulous easy-to-read notation, chord symbols to facilitate analyzing the solos, rehearsal letters, rhythmic styles and metronome marks, and transcription reference included with the song title.

Armando's Rhumba
Blue Miles
Blues For Art
Brasilia (Lyric Suite Part 5)
Bud Powell
Chick's Piano Solo (Spanish Fantasy Part 3)
Children's Song No. 6
Crystal Silence
Eternal Child
500 Miles High
Humpty Dumpty
Improvisation On Scarlatti
La Fiesta
Love Castle
Mirror, Mirror
Morning Sprite
Quartet No. 1
The Romantic Warrior
The Sky
Sometime Ago
Stride Time VII (Rhapsody For Mr. T)
Waltz (Lyric Suite, Part 2)
The Yellow Nimbus