The R. Bernard Fitzgerald Trumpet Collection






Product Code: RBF
Publisher: Carl Fischer
ISBN-10: 1-59806-182-8
UPC-A: 680160571444

Thirteen Progressively Graded Pieces for B Flat Trumpet and Piano with Audio CD. Fitzgerald's classic pieces and arrangements have appeared on all state contest and festival lists for many years. Now get them all under one cover, with trumpet and piano parts, and an included More...

Audio CD with recorded piano accompaniment to allow convenient practice time anywhere. Includes all of these Fitzgerald classics.

Album Contents:
- G. F. Handel Adagio and Allegro Marziale (Easy)
- G. F. Handel Allegro GiĂ mi sembra from the opera Lotario (Easy)
- A. F. Tenaglia, J. P. Krieger Aria and Allegro (Easy)
- G. F. Handel Aria and Bourrée from the Passion Oratorio and Solo Sonata in G (Easy)
- A. Scarlatti, A. Caldara, S. De Luca, F. Durante Italian Suite (Easy)
- Jos. Fiocco Allegro (Intermediate)
- A. Corelli Sonata VII (Intermediate)
- R. Bernard Fitzgerald English Suite (Intermediate)
- Henry Purcell Purcell Suite (Intermediate)
- G. F. Handel Adagio and Allegro from Sonata in E (Intermediate)
- G. F. Handel Largo and Allegro from 6th Flute Sonata (Intermediate)
- G. F. Handel Let the Bright Seraphim from the oratorio Samson (Intermediate)
- G. F. Handel Sound an Alarm from the oratorio Judas Maccabaeus (Intermediate)