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The Serious Jazz Practice Book








Product Code: SJPB
Author: Barry Finnerty
Publisher: Sher Music Co.
ISBN-10: 1883217423
Publisher SKU: 157

by Barry Finnerty

This book and CD, published by Sher Music Co, answers the question of how to approach the universal task of mastering the basics of jazz improv; scales, chords, patterns, etc... and provides a unique and comprehensive plan for mastering your instrument.

Barry, a respected and accomplished jazz musician who has played with Miles, The Breckers, and The Crusaders, takes all the diatonic, pentatonic, chromatic, whole tone and diminished scales and gives you step-by-step exercises that dissect them into useable patterns. Many of the exercises are embellished with chromatic notes, giving you that jazz flavor right away. The end result is a method book that will lead the reader to a deep, internalized understanding of the fundamentals of jazz. 160 pages.

This book is written in treble clef.

"The best book of intervalic studies I've ever seen."
- Mark Levine

"An exhaustive, yet compact guide to the fundamentals of scale vocabulary, written by an accomplished musician."
- Dave Liebman

"The book I've been waiting for!"
- Randy Brecker