Self Portrait Of A Jazz Artist






Product Code: SPJA
Author: David Liebman
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 19100
UPC-A: 805095191004

This book focuses on the process of being a jazz artist. Written from the creator's perspective, the book covers subjects that jazz musicians frequently discuss amongst themselves including the creation of music and insightful observations on the jazz scene itself. Liebman meticulously discusses soloing, the role of the sideman, the recording studio, leading a group, practicing and finding work, as well as other related topics.

" absolute must for anyone who studies or listens to jazz...a penetrating, eloquently expressed view of the artistic process of jazz improvisation, written by a brilliantly creative and accomplished player who capably relates the music to literature, visual art, culture, history, philosophy and spirituality...uniquely loaded with candid truths and sobering facts of significant value."
- Jerry Coker

"A rare insight into the workings of music by one of the leaders in the field of creative music."
- Jamey Aebersold