Sight Reading Book 4 - Rhythm






Product Code: SRBK4
Author: Jim Stinnett
Publisher: Stinnett Music

Sight Reading Book Four - Rhythm is designed to increase your ability to read rhythms. If we can become comfortable at recognizing rhythm patterns, specifically the patterns that reoccur often in music, we will be well on our way to becoming a good sight reader.

Rhythm is one musical element that is common to all makers of music. This book was written to be played by any instrumentalist or vocalist. You don’t even need your instrument, just tap or clap the music. I have had great success reading from this book with groups of musicians, playing a variety of instruments. Because of the single pitched notation, you can create very interesting and challenging practice and performance exercises reading from this book. Be sure to carefully read the “How To Use This Book” pages.

The structure and development of the written line in this book will allow you to successfully progress as you move through the book. As we focus our practice you will be amazed with your improvement and as your recognition of rhythmic cells grows so will your reading.