Sight Reading - Book 6






Product Code: SRBK6
Author: Jim Stinnett
Publisher: Stinnett Music
Instrumentation: Bass

In some ways Sight Reading Book Six is far easier than its predecessors. In other ways, it is the most challenging book of the series so far.

Intended as a little bit of a left turn, this book is comprised of approximately ninety-eight percent quarter notes. One thousand four hundred seventy-two measures of continuous notation makes this a very challenging read.

With metronome ticking a quarter note @126 bpm, this music was written with the bass in hand. It flows. I recommend that you create an additional challenge for yourself by playing it at faster tempos. The line takes on a whole new flavor at 300 bmp. Reading at this tempo demands that you see groups of notes at one time. Fun Stuff!

You do not need to start at the beginning of the book. Jump in any place that looks good to you.