The Teaching Of Jazz - By Jerry Coker






Product Code: TJ
Author: Jerry Coker
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-13: 97883892210221
ISBN-10: 3-89221-022-5
Publisher SKU: 19201

By Jerry Coker

The Teaching of Jazz" is a book for teachers, students, administrators, and the self-taught who are involved in the study of jazz music and its outreach... a definitive book! Jerry Coker, creator of the first degree- offering studio music and jazz program, reveals the success process that is proven effective over two decades and he displays the rewarding study of jazz in all of its practical and highly creative aspects... a help and an inspiration! Note: Hard cover version no longer available.

"Insightful commentary on jazz pedagogy... a serious approach to the study of jazz."
- Ellis Marsalis

"Jerry Coker has covered every possible aspect of the subject, and we, educators and students alike can all benefit from his insights."
- Dan Haerle