Talk Jazz: For All Instrumentalists & Vocalists

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Product Code: TJA
Author: Roni Ben-Hur
Publisher: Bohobza Music
ISBN-10: 0-9744943-0-5

by Roni Ben-Hur

Based on the popular Barry Harris method, this book is a comprehensive collection of bebop studies for all instrumentalists and vocalists to help develop technique, expand your vocabulary, and broaden your understanding of harmony.
Spiral bound, 52 pages.

"Topnotch in every way…A visionary learning experience" Lee Prosser, "Brilliant and profound"
Howard Morgen

"I can’t imagine anyone with good listening habits not becoming a great jazz improviser after learning the studies in "Talk Jazz. Every great jazz lick is in there." Gene Bertoncini

"Talk Jazz is the most comprehensive and thorough treatise on jazz guitar that is on the market today"
Jimmy Bruno

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Half Step Rules for Major and Dominant 7 Scales

• Major Scales With Added Half Steps
• Dominant 7 Scales With Added Half Steps

Chapter 2: The Arpeggios Study

• What Are Arpeggios and Why We Practice Them
• A Guide to Using the Arpeggios
• The Major, Minor, Diminished, Flatted 5 and Augmented Arpeggios
• Inverted
• In Two Octave

Chapter 3: Surrounding Notes for the Major And Minor Arpeggios

• How to Surround the Major and Minor Arpeggios
• The Major Arpeggios with Surrounding Notes
• The Minor Arpeggios with Surrounding Notes

Chapter 4: The Diminished

• The Diminished Chord and Diminished Runs
• The Diminished Chord with the Maj7
• All the Diminished Chords on Your Instrument

Chapter 5: Surrounding Notes for the Minor and Major 6 Chords

• How We Surround The Minor and Major 6 Chords
• Surrounding the Minor 6 Chord
• Surrounding the Major 6 Chord

Chapter 6: The Minor and Major 6 Diminished Scales

• What are the Minor and Major 6 Diminished Scales
• The Minor 6 Diminished Scale Exercise
• The Major 6 Diminished Scale Exercise

Chapter 7: The Dominant 7 Scale

• The role and character of the Dominant 7 Scale
• The Dominant 7 Scale Exercise

Chapter 8: The Augmented Chord and the Whole Tone Scale

• What is it and How is it Used
• The Whole Tone Scale Exercise

Chapter 9: I6/II7/V7 Turnaround Using Diminished Chords

• A Description of the Turnaround
• The Turnaround in Minor Keys
• The Turnaround in Major Keys

Chapter 10: The Major and Minor Arpeggios and Their Inversions

• The Major Arpeggios
• The Minor Arpeggios