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Product Code: TTED
Author: Armen Donelian
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-13: 978-3892210375
ISBN-10: 3892210373
Publisher SKU: 16300
UPC-A: 805095163001

by Armen Donelian

A basic ear training text with examples and suggested self-study curriculum. Armen Donelian, prominent pianist and composer, has condensed the essence of 25 years of teaching experience into "Training the Ear". These ear training exercises were created for use in entry-level college classes and for private study. While this book focuses on the specific musical needs of jazz improvisers, students of all kinds of music can benefit from the exercises presented here. "The aural abilities may be developed by singing, tapping, naming, analyzing, transcribing, reading and playing a series of progressively more challenging musical exercises. These practices will help you to process music with ease and confidence. By fully mastering each step along the way, a reliable structure is established which can always be called upon to support your growth. This is the beginning of real musical freedom."

Since 1986, Donelian has taught in the Jazz and Contemporary Music Studies Program at The New School for Social Research in New York City, where he heads the Ear Training curriculum.

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