Vol. 2 Nothin' But Blues for Jazz Guitar - Book/download audio tracks

Paperback Book/MP3 Audio

Paperback Book/MP3 Audio






Product Code: V02G
Author: Jamey Aebersold, Corey Christiansen
Publisher: Jamey Aebersold Jazz
ISBN-13: 1-56224-297-0
Publisher SKU: V02G
Instrumentation: Guitar

Now with free downloadable "bass and drum only" play-along tracks in addition to the guitar trio!

Adapted by Corey Christiansen. Jamey’s guitar adaptation of his famous “Volume 1 - How To Play Jazz” (product code V01G) is so revered by guitarists, Jazz great Corey Christiansen has now adapted Jamey’s “Vol. 2 - Nothin But Blues” for Guitar, as well. Formatted exactly like the Vol. 1 How To Play Jazz for Guitar book, Vol. 2 includes all of the scales and basic info you need to get started in Jazz/Rock Blues with TAB and Frames for the non-reading guitarist plus brand new BONUS tracks not found in the original Volume 2. Tracks include many different blues grooves, including slow, fast, swing, bossa, jazz-rock, funk, shuffle, etc. This Guitar edition is aligned exactly with the original Volume 2, Nothin' But Blues so educators can use it in a class room situation. As a bonus to the CD, all tracks are available for free online with bass and drums only, so you can "sit-in" without the guitar.

Coming in June of 2015, look for Volume 3, "The ii/V7/I Progression” for Guitar!


Sample Track 1
Sample Track 2
Sample Track 3