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Digital Book w/Audio






Product Code: V16ES
Author: Jamey Aebersold
Publisher: Jamey Aebersold Jazz
Series: Jamey Aebersold Play-A-Long
ISBN-13: 978-1-56224-171-1
ISBN-10: 1-56224-171-0
UPC-A: 635621000162

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Intermediate/Advanced. If you have been working on playing scales, chords, and harmony in general, this set is the next step towards getting your ears and fingers coordinated. This set is a continuation of Volume 3, but in much more depth. Features 23 CD tracks and most go through all 12 keys! The two CDs contain medium/fast versions of each track and the audio downloads include slower pactice versions.

Rhythm Section: Jamey Aebersold (p); John Clayton (b); Mike Hyman (d)

Suggested Prerequisite: Volume 3 - The ii/V7/I Progression


Plain Old Turnaround #1*
Turnarounds #2
Turnarounds #3
Turnarounds #4
Ballad II/jav07/I
Hale Bop
Cycles #1 (2 Bars Each)
Cycles #2 (1 Bar Each)
Cycles #3 (2 Beats Each)
Cycles #4 Fast Tempo
Cycles #5 Fast Tempo
V7 + 9/1 (1 Bar Each)
II/jav07/I Major (Swing Tempo)
II/jav07/I Descending and Ascending
II/jav07, II/jav07, II/jav07/I
II/jav07, III/jav0I, II/jav07, II/jav0I, II/jav07, II/jav0I, II/jav07/I
Tritone Substitutions and IV/bVII/I
Coltrane Changes
Turnarounds Final
Bb Rhythm Changes
Coltrane Blues**
Some Of The Things I Am
Guess What Key I'm In**
Vol. 16 Vol.16