Art of Improvisation Suite - 2 Books/CD-ROM




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Product Code: AOISUITE
Author: Bob Taylor
Publisher: Visual Jazz Publications

Available in Eb or Bb editions (C edition is no longer available). Choose your key above the green "Add To Basket" button, above.

The Art of Improvisation Suite includes the AOI CD-ROM, version 5, plus the printed Main Book and Play Book from the CD-ROM.

Now you can get Version 5 of The Art of Improvisation CD-ROM, with text from its books conveniently printed out in a large, attractive binder - all for a terrific price.

- The Main Book contains Levels 1 through 5 of The Art of Improvisation with Table of Contents, Master Index, exercises, examples, and more.

- The Play Book contains chord progressions for 100 Standard Tunes and over 200 Practice Page Tunes. See for yourself why The Art of Improvisation Suite is the best deal on the best improvisation method! (Available in Bb or Eb editions)

Main Book - 340 pages
Play Book - 60 pages
Total pages - 400