Sight Reading - Book 11 - Rhythm Changes






Product Code: SRBK11
Author: Jim Stinnett
Publisher: Stinnett Music
Series: Sight-Reading
Publisher SKU: SRBK11
Instrumentation: Bass

There is nothing cooler than Rhythm Changes! A walking bass line over rhythm changes is almost magical. It never gets old. The song form, rhythm changes, is one of the most common in jazz. Working in Sight Reading Book Eleven - Rhythm Changes will be great for your reading and jazz playing.

Like all the books in this series, the continuous, nonstop playing is quite challenging. This practice will help you develop your ability to read ahead. The one thousand, four hundred seventy-two measures provides ample new material to read and study. I encourage you to use the play-along. This will get you moving and keep you moving.

Play and study from this book, and you will become a much more solid and strong jazz player.